The History of Faith Baptist Chapel

Faith Baptist Chapel began as Faith Bible Chapel in 1974 on Cumberland St. in what is considered “Old Town” Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church’s name was changed to Faith Baptist Chapel in 1983 and the church became affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada in 1986 ( There are 500 churches in this Fellowship of Churches across the Dominion of Canada.

The congregation met for 16 years in an older building on Cumberland Street in the Town of Lunenburg. In 1981 the idea to build a new church was encouraged by a former Pastor, W. James Hicks, a former missionary to South Africa, along with his wife Evelyn. The church bought land in 1988 just outside the town limits in Centre, situated on Highway #3, which runs between Lunenburg and the Town of Bridgewater. The new Faith Baptist Chapel building was completed in the Fall of 1990.

The numerical growth at the Chapel has been encouraging over the years to the point where expansion of the facility is needed to meet the needs and challenges of this diverse congregation and the needs of the community.

We invite you to become a part of this wonderful church family!

Faith Baptist Chapel is
The Bible is our final authority for faith and practice and we seek to explore it in a practical manner. We strongly encourage people to search the scriptures themselves as the Apostle Paul said, “to find whether these things be so.” (Acts 17:11)

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