Small Group Ministries

Among the many ministries FBC offers, I would like to invite you to explore the many opportunities that the Small Group Ministry offers.

Here is a detail explanation of what Small Group entails.

What is a Small Group...

Small Groups isn't another new method. It's a lifestyle. It is people. not buildings...not programs... but people.
People who put God's wishes ahead of their own. It is a new lifestyle; it is a very old lifestyle. It is found in the book of Acts, Romans, Ephesians, Corinthians...It is Jesus calling out to us to live together in community with Him and each other. It is the Kingdom of God on earth by Nancy J. Lindquist.

Who is in the Small Group...

It is a leader who is either a Pastor or a lay person that are surrounded by a cluster of believers (5-12) of the same faith and of the same love for Christ.
We have young men's group and young women's group; and young and not so young couples, but not exclusive to the couples only, as there are single men and women who also wish to part of a group of couples.

What Small Groups offers...

To work together, pray together, reach out together, worship and fellowship together, to pick each other up when one stumbles, to hold each other accountable, to laugh, cry, rejoice, exhort, reprove and love each other together.

What is the Small Groups purpose...

To study the Bible together, to reach out, to witness and to disciple seekers and non-believers alike.

The Small Group lives as if Jesus were going to come back tomorrow.

Small groups in smaller churches provide three basic necessities for a congregation's healthy spiritual growth: accountability, forward momentum, and a missional identity.

Small Group Ministry Opportunities

Small Groups Information: Contact S.G. leaders in your area for meeting information.

Bridgewater area – Clay & Cory (Sept. 28)
Mahone Bay–Chester area – Scott Perry (Inquire)
Lunenburg area – Steve H (Oct. 5)
New Germany - Newburne – Duane Eisener (Inquire)

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