Faith Bible Camp

Summer camps are a tremendous tool that God uses to reach adults and youth of all ages about Jesus Christ and His gift of Salvation.

Christian Bible Camps provide an ideal environment for your child to unplug from technology and make new friends!

At our Summer Camp campers can expect energizing fun, including field games, supervised swimming, canoing, and other water activities. Modern kitchen facilities and bathroom are on site to make the camping experience complete.

Campers learn about God’s desire for our life while enjoying everything that comes with camp. Camp is an ideal place to enjoy God’s creation and also be under God’s Word

The Camps

Junior Camp is an excellent ministry for providing young children a chance to develop confidence and independence, as well as becoming familiar with Jesus and the Bible. It is a time to learn who Jesus is and how He affects them, along with a time for many simple and fun games for the campers to participate in.

It also is an excellent time for young children to develop new friendships and explore God’s word in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Junior Camp is also an excellent time for children to experiment in sharing their faith with others. Emphasis is placed on developing personal prayer and devotional time and promoting Christ-like attitudes; while learning to understand the need for Jesus in their lives.

Teen Camp involves many interesting recreational activities that challenge individuals to cooperate as a group. Campers are guided by group discussions in seeking biblical answers to overcome the obstacles faced at home, school, and in everyday life situations.

Teens often develop lifelong friendships with other campers and can share their fears and hopes in small groups. Some teens learn to experience leadership roles as they commit themselves to following the Lord. Whenever possible at the end of the day the whole camp can come together to sing, laugh, learn, and close the day with prayer, praise and thanksgiving to God.